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This Website Is Funny!

We just helped put together one of those funny picture website..and I must say these pictures are really funny. Check out iwubs.com if you want to see what we are talking about.


Have you ever seen a Funny Menu?

Nothing ads more character to a restaurant... Nothing is more fun... Nothing keeps the people coming back for more... What are we talking about? We are talking about memorable funny menus. We here at FunnyMenu.com collect funny menus from our favorite restaraunts across the globe. A funny menu can range from some hilarious text on a menu to completely outrageous pictures. Currently, our favorite menu is the Full Menu at The Jazz Cajun Louisiana Restaurant. We have visited the restaraunt in Kansas City and Omaha. The funniest item on the menu is a place where is says you can get purcahse Unlimited Hushpupies for $179 (with a side of Dom Perignon). I literally started laughing out loud when I saw this one.

Jacob Wright
Jacob Wright